"Hands down, this was one of the most well organized and planned races I have done, and I have done ones as small as this and as large as 45,000 runners."

I'm working on my goal of completing a 1/2 marathon in all 50 states. 

I happened to have a work conference in Coralville, IA and the 12:1 Run was relatively close by and worked with my schedule.  Once I read about the purpose and goal of the 12:1 run, I knew that it would be a good fit.  Not only would I be able to cross Iowa off my list (as state #23) but I would be helping those who need it most at the same time.
I have run more than 40 half marathons.  This was by far one of my favorites.  I was admittedly a bit concerned about the size of the race -- with only 60 participants or so, I was concerned that since I'm a slower runner, I might get lost.  But hands down, this was one of the most well organized and planned races I have done -- and I have done ones as small as this and as large as 45,000 runners.  The course was beautiful (and surprisingly hilly for Iowa!), the race support was fantastic, the water stations were plentiful, well stocked and well staffed, and the pre and post race snacks were phenomenal.  Combined with the fact that my entry fee went to provide clean water to those who might otherwise not have access to such a basic element needed to survive and overall, this was one of my absolute favorite races I've ever done.  Kudos to you and the entire race staff for an incredibly well organized, planned and executed event. 

- Kim Wells, WA

"The park we ran in was so beautiful and peaceful."

A personal goal of mine is to complete a 1/2 marathon in every state. 

When my friend mentioned that she’d be at a conference and was going to do this race, I thought, sounds great…let’s check off Iowa!  After researching what my entry fee went towards, I felt that I was making a difference…not only in making myself healthier and exercising,  I was making parts of the world healthier by giving them the opportunity to have access to clean water.  We take so much for granted living in the United States.
The course was more challenging than I expected.  The park we ran in was so beautiful and peaceful.  Being one of sixty half marathoners, I was hoping that I wouldn’t get lost.  This course was one of the most supported courses I’ve run on.  The signage was great and the volunteers were the best.  The other runners on the course were so genuine in cheering for each other that it powered me to do my very best.

- Courtney Andrews, OH

This was my first 5k. I loved it. You all did a fantastic job. Can’t wait ‘til next years race. I might even try the 10k. Thanks!
I wish more people would run the half marathon. They don’t know what they’re missing. It’s hilly, but the scenery is worth the effort.
This was my first time running the 12:1 Run. It was very well organized and I had a great time. I am already looking forward to next year’s race.

"I was astonished by all the offers in the church, the food, exhibitions, and all of these very kind people."

I’m 59 years old, married, have 2 sons. My passions are running and gardening. I figured out that I can do running well during my military time, at the age of 20. I joined an athletics sporting club and started first time with regular training, 2 – 3 times per week. I decided first time to take part a marathon at the age of 33. The same year I joined my today's employer,  an engineering company, and moved with my family to Dortmund, in north west Germany. I met a fellow in Dortmund, doing running well, also he was blind since an age of 20 years. Also blind, he got a athletics trainer license, was holder of blind people world best time for marathon and 100k. I guided him with a small rope many times, he provided 10K / marathon training plans for me. I improved my race times step by step with his plans. At the age of 41 years I ran my best times (2:38 hr marathon (see photo), 33:35 min 10K and 16:22 min 5K). From that time I was often handicapped by sacroiliac joint jam, so I reduced my training of about 2,800 miles annually step by step.

I stopped my training in the last 2 years, before moving to Iowa. Arriving in Iowa, I missed my family and my garden, but I have had the time to come back to the passion running. So I started slowly up to 3 times running alternating with 3 times work out in between. I did my first race after several years in May, a 10K in Burlington. During the hot and humid summer in Iowa, I took part 5Ks in Donnellson, Keokuk, West Point.

Several weeks ago I found all these signs about 12:1 Run at in October. So I drove to Harmony Bible Church on a sunny Saturday morning. I was astonished by all the offers in the church, by the church itself (food), exhibitions by others (bikes, shoes, etc.) and all of these very kind people.

The morning was a little bit chilly, a perfect race day. I did my warming up with some addition clothes, what is too much for the race time. A question to the race organization clarified quick the point where I could drop my items (Amy, thank you). The race started strait west exact 08:00 am, after a few hundred yards I was wondering that I’m alone in lead position. The small wind from east pushed me to Geode park. Unexpected many bands making music while passing them … a very good feeling. After a few hundred yards into Geode I took the rear reversal point. From now I saw all the runners and walkers behind me. Many of them shouting “Good job,” again I’m passing the bands, also having the little head wind I felt good. Than the church was visible, the finish line was close, looking backwards I saw that my leading position was save up to the finish line. The first congratulations from Amy, the most friendly human being I met this Saturday. I recovered with water and fruits, later cookies and coffee,  the offer was great. After getting the award I drove home happily.

Looking forward to take part in next year's 12:1 race!
- Manfred Stute, Germany